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Laury's studio as artist-in-residence under the patronage of Her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland is set up close to Belvoir Castle in Knipton - in the small cottage at the end of circular courtyard adjacent to Knipton Lodge.  Click here  if you wish to visit the Belvoir Castle website.

The focus for Laury in 2012 is on continuing to develop an arts programme to benefit the local community, after  creating in 2011 a rural sculpture trail using sustainable materials called the Belvoir "3Rs - Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw" Sculpture Trail. She is also working on creating another bronze bust for the Manners family, after successfully completing the busts of Lady Violet, Lady Alice and Lady Eliza.

Click here for full details of Belvoir 3Rs Sculpture Trail Challenge - Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw

"Musings on sustainable sculpture design and a desire to help establish more sculpture trails and parks were two factors in deciding to collaborate with the Duchess of Rutland  as her artist-in-residence. Besides giving me the fantastic opportunity to create a sculpture trail in the Vale of Belvoir, she has also asked me to create busts of her kids, which is wonderful as I am going to contribute contemporary stuff (timeless bronze busts) to Belvoir's collection of art!"


In September 2010, Laury moved back to England to set up a new sculpture studio in a rural community in the Vale of Belvoir where the ancient seat of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland is located (in the Lincolnshire / Leicestershire border area of the East Midlands).

A close-up on Belvoir Castle, home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland under whose auspices Laury Dizengremel is artist-in-residence

A close-up on Belvoir Castle, home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland under whose auspices Laury Dizengremel is artist-in-residence at the Castle gates in Knipton. The studio and cottage are at the end of the circular courtyard adjacent to Knipton Lodge, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, a stone's throw from the Leicestershire border (some dispute where Knipton actually belongs county-wise) and close to the nearby town of Melton Mowbray.

Caius Cibber sculptures in the formal gardens at Belvoir Castle

15th century sculptures by Caius Cibber, moved by Violet, wife of the 8th Duke who created the formal scheme we see today in the Gardens at Belvoir Castle.

Sculpture master class, 3D workshops & sculpture / art tuition discounts for all Vale of Belvoir residents... See details of Vale Belvoir Rural Arts Project  here.

See first Press Release of 7 October 2010  announcing the artist residency and Press Release of 26 November 2010 announcing the "Belvoir 3Rs" Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw  Sculpture Trail Challenge / Sculpture Competition.

Here are a few videos detailing the residency and the sculpture trail.

Excerpt from a video article produced for Lincolnshire Life Magazine in the UK featuring Laury Dizengremel describing some of her plans for the artist residency and an exclusive interview with Emma Manners, Duchess of Rutland. The Belvoir 3Rs Sculpture Trail is described in some detail including footage of some of the proposed portions of the two mile trail in the Vale of Belvoir.

Video showing highlights of a workshop at a primary school in Bottesford, with students working on one of the logs for the "Belvoir Wood Henge" sculpture installation.

This video hows highlights of the 3Rs sculpture symposium and resulting sculpture trail along the Grantham Canal with the Duchess of Rutland and Mayor of Melton Mowbray cutting the ribbon for the trail.

More information about this art residency and high-resolution photos for media reproduction can be obtained by contacting Laury via e-mail:

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